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Dear Entrepreneurs,

Everyone doesn’t have to understand you or see your vision. The truth is, some people are so negative they’ll never get it no matter how hard you try to get them to see it. Maybe they’ll get it when your ideas become a reality before their eyes.

Either way, never apologize for being you and wanting more for your life, your kids, and most importantly for yourself. You deserve it!

Now go take over the world!

I look forward to seeing you at the top!

– Kris


2018 in Review – Three Things I’ve Learned This Year

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We did it! We made it through another year!

2018 has been full of accomplishments for me! How about you?

Here’s some of my favorite moments (and my not so favorite). Also, I want to share with you a little of what I’ve learned this years as well.

1) In the early part of 2018, I made the decision that I was ready to write another big project! People ask me all of the time when am I going to write another book and I always come up with some type of creative response as to why I haven’t yet. The truth is, I wasn’t sure what else to say to those who read my work. I didn’t know if I could recreate the success I had after the first book. What if my next project fails? I knew I wanted to write something new and tell more of my story, but I wasn’t sure what that would look like or what I’d say.

After hearing words of encouragement from so many of you via social media, email, etc., I feel I’ve found my mojo again! I’m ready to write and challenge myself to create my best work!

Earlier this year I began writing a screenplay with the help of some amazing people in the film industry! I even flew to New York to work on film and I’ve been invited back for a second trip to write more of the story! I can’t wait to share with you what I’ve been silently working on!

The Lesson I Learned: Sometimes we need to be patient while we search for meaning in life and motivation to follow it. We can’t be afraid to take risk. Creators are meant to create and we die a creative death when we don’t live out our purpose.

2) Just before my trip to New York I was a guest on Toresa Blakely’s In Life Now Radio Show. We had an amazing conversation about goals, success, and what black businesses need to do to win today. I left out of the radio station that day charged up and ready to work!

The next morning I received a call at 8am (I’ll never forget). It was Sara, my father’s wife calling to tell me that my father had unexpectedly passed away in the middle of the night. I immediately jumped up and I rushed over to his house. When I arrived he was in his robe and still siting in favorite chair slumped over and cold to the touch. I stood there and I stared at him. I didn’t say a word. I wasn’t sure how to feel at first. So many emotions ran through me. Anyone who’s read or followed my story over the years knows that he and I have had a rocky relationship since I was a child. Thankfully, he and I had made peace some time ago, but it didn’t change the numbness I felt seeing him sitting there.

After that, my wife’s father passed away a few months later. Both of our fathers gone within six months.

This was definitely a not so favorite moment in 2018.

The Lesson I Learned: There’s no pain that even comes close to the pain that one feels when they lose a parent. When I look back on our relationship (or lack of) I’ve learned that for me to win in life as a parent, I have to be everything my father wasn’t. His shortcomings become my motivation.

3) My wife and I took a trip to Traverse City, MI. this year. We wanted to have a short weekend getaway to relax a little. While there we went wine tasting, ate at local restaurants, and just enjoyed each other’s company. Sometimes I wonder how she puts up with being married to an entrepreneur who’s always got crazy ideas and dreams of changing the world. I’m often gone serving others, helping launch new businesses, and helping people reach their dreams. She has her own career and dreams and somehow she still finds a way to be a support to me in the good and the bad. We celebrated nine years of marriage in 2018 and I couldn’t imagine life without her.

The Lesson I Learned: I’ve learned that people see me for what I do, but what they don’t know is that I have an amazing wife who works behind the scenes and keeps it all together for us. She’s the real MVP.

2018 has been a crazy year. It hasn’t been easy, but it wasn’t bad either. Overall, it’s been a great year!

As you close out 2018, I hope you enjoy time with friends and family and cherish every moment! Be patient as you usher in the New Year and know that greater works are ahead of you! Know that the New Year will come with a new set of challenges, but nothing you can’t overcome. Think about the “real MVP” in your life and tell them how much you appreciate their love and support to your crazy ideas and dreams!

2019 is going to be a great year for you! I really do believe that!

In closing…

THANK YOU for being part of my journey!

Everyday I wake up and I work hard to serve others; to inspire more people to go after their dreams; and to be the example for others who are looking for inspiration.

Some of you see me in public and you stop me just to tell me that you’re praying for me. You tell me that you’re praying for my strength, my family, and my business. Knowing that you read my writing, follow me on Social Media, and encourage me when you see me in public means the world to this kid from the heart of Grand Rapids, MI.

So I send nothing but love, appreciation, and good vibes to you as we all prepare to enter a New Year of life, growth, and prosperity!

I’ll see you in 2019!

– Kris

P.S. Please continue to follow me in the New Year! We’ve got some exciting announcements on the way! I can’t wait to share them with you!

They’re Going To Laugh. That’s Ok. Keep Writing.

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My wife and I recently celebrated our nine year wedding anniversary. As a part of our celebration I surprised her with tickets to see the award winning stage play, Hamilton, written by Lin-Manuel Miranda.

For those of you who may not be familiar with it, the play is about the life of one of the United States Founding Fathers, Alexander Hamilton. The catch is, the cast is mostly people of color and the majority of the play is performed using Hip Hop and rap lyrics to tell Hamilton’s story.

In the last few years Hamilton has taken over and reached international prominence! I have to admit, I was blown away by how amazing this show was! I was so impressed by the talent of the actors and actresses that it inspired me to dig deeper into Lin-Manuel’s journey to see where his vision for this play had come from. I later learned he had read Hamilton’s biography and then spent the next six years writing the music and play! Lin-Manuel turned his love and passion for art, history and storytelling into an amazing show that has wowed people al over!

After days of reading and watching everything I could find on Lin-Manuel, there’s one thing that he said that really resonated with me.

Lin-Manuel said, “They’re going to laugh. That’s ok. Keep writing.”

When I read this it really made me think. I found this line to be very encouraging and true! After I read this I thought about all of the writers, dreamers, CEO’s in the making, entrepreneurs in training, etc. who are all working on a dream right now that only they can see.

After that, I thought about when I first started writing. I thought about all of the times I wrote articles that were full of grammatical errors because I was still learning. I thought about all of the times I received feedback from people who negatively criticized my work and message because they didn’t see my vision. Last, I thought about all of the people that laughed at me when I told them that speaking and writing is what I want to do as my career. They thought I was crazy and told me it would never work.

After they laughed and told me I wouldn’t make it, I did one thing…. I kept writing.

Yeah, I kept writing even when I didn’t feel like writing. Even though it was hard to feel inspired knowing a few people didn’t see my vision I knew I had to keep writing to become better at my craft and to gain clarity to better see my future.

To keep me going I told myself, “if they laugh now, make them applaud later.”

I was determined to win.

One of the videos I saw of Lin-Manuel showed him at the White House Poetry Jam.

Before delivering his poem he started off by telling President Obama and the rest of the audience that he was working on a hip hop album about the life of America’s first Treasury Secretary, Alexander Hamilton. Lin-Manuel felt Hamilton embodied the message of Hip Hop due to his writing and his constant “beef” with everyone in the political game. The audience laughed at him and he said, “you laugh, but it’s true!” He then went on to further explain his vision. Even First Lady Michelle Obama laughed after he gave his introduction.

As he began to rap the lyrics of his vision the audience continued to snicker at parts of his poem. Lin-Manuel didn’t let the laughter bother him. He stayed focus and continued to deliver his poem showing more and more of his passion and creativity in every line!

When he ended his poem and said “thank you,” President Obama applauded and gave him a standing ovation that was followed by the rest of the audience.

In the beginning, Lin-Manuel gave his vision and the audience didn’t get it! They laughed at him! He then had the courage to further share his incomplete version of what he had created with the hopes that they would appreciate his love and passion for storytelling!

For a lot of us it’s the same in our lives.

You see, we have friends, family, coworkers, and even strangers who just don’t get it. They laugh at us, crack jokes and tease us while we work on making our visions come to life.

I believe as a creator of content, “if they laugh now, make them applaud later.”

I remember when I began this journey and I started writing and speaking. People simply didn’t believe me either. I got the jokes and laughs for a while. Then as I grew so did my ability to tell stories. Then I wrote my first book, From Success to Significance and I shared more about my life and vision. I remember walking into a Barnes & Noble and seeing my face sitting on the shelf for the first time. After that, anytime I spoke at an event people would applaud and it often led to a standing ovation.

It was then that I realized that I had turned the laughs into an applause.

So I say to you, no matter what you do, keep writing, keep working, keep believing, keep moving towards your dream! They may laugh now while you’re doing the work and trying to figure it out, but I promise you they will applaud you later.

In the opening song of Hamilton one of the lyrics says, “there’s a million things he hasn’t done, but just you wait, just you wait.”

I’m looking forward to seeing the things you go on to do! I also can’t wait to share with you the new things I’m working on as well, “but just you wait.”

Just like Lin-Manuel once said, “they’re going to laugh. That’s ok. Keep writing”

Let’s make sure the world knows your name!

I wish you nothing but success on your journey for a better life.

Written by

Kris Mathis

The #1 Reason Businesses Fail

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Over the last few years we have seen a huge number of businesses being started. We’re seeing more and more people believing that starting a business will create a better future for them and their family and it’s been exciting to watch! I’m inspired everyday by the new ideas and businesses that I see and hear about. I love seeing people bring their ideas to life and go on to make their dreams happen come to life.

Although I love seeing people of color change their lives by way of starting a business, the reality for most is, they won’t make it. Yeah, a lot of them won’t make it and will fail on their journey. Actually, most of them will fail on their journey of becoming an entrepreneur and will ultimately allow that failure to be the death of their vision and will then take their dream of starting a business and better life for their family to the grave with them.

According to Bloomberg, 8 out of 10 entrepreneurs who start a business will fail within the first 18 months. That’s 80% of businesses that won’t make it!

Why? Why is it that so many businesses fail at such a high rate?

The answer to this question is dependent upon who you ask. You see, some will say they fail because of a lack of startup capital, some will blame racism, and others will say they didn’t have time. These are just a few of the reasons (or excuses) businesses fail. I too once thought that these things were the main reason businesses fail.

Businesses fail for numerous reasons, but based on my experience in the entrepreneur space there is one major reason why businesses fail.

Before I share the reason I’m sure some of you may be asking what qualifies me to speak on this?

Well, I’ve been in business as a Motivational Speaker, Best-Selling Author, and Business Coach for 11 years now. I have coached hundreds of businesses in everything from restaurants to technology and just about every other lane in between. I have had clients all over the country and as far away as Germany, parts of Africa, and beyond.

I’ve had an amazing support system and team of people that have helped me along my journey. I don’t believe that anyone who ventures out to starting a business can do it without the help of others. I have helped a lot of businesses win in their spaces and I’ve also learned a lot about why black businesses fail.

The #1 reason I believe businesses fail is… they don’t ask for help. That’s it! People simply won’t ask for help when they just don’t know!

They don’t ask and they spend their time struggling and trying to figure it out on their own. This way of thinking and running their business leads them to failure because they lack the knowledge and sometimes skills that it takes to win in their space! If they would only ask for help, accept the help that’s offered, or even a tip that they’re willing to apply to their business it would help them avoid some of the pitfalls that 80% of failed businesses make!

I meet businesses all of the time who are struggling to figure it out or make their business work. When I ask how they got into this bad space they share their story with me so I can see how it started. When I ask why they didn’t ask for help the answer is usually along the lines of, “I thought I knew how to do it, I didn’t want anyone to steal my idea, I didn’t have the money, I thought I could figure it out by myself,” etc. The list of excuses is long, but they all lead to the same failure in the end.

What I tell entrepreneurs is that their is nothing wrong with asking for help. Asking for help shows you want to remain strong in your business! Not asking for help is business suicide. If you know the pitfalls before you reach them hopefully it will help you have a better shot at winning! If businesses would simply humble themselves and say, “I need help” they could then receive the support from one of the many entrepreneurs, coaches, business volunteers, organizations that specialize in business and others that offer their help everyday (and often for free) in supporting entrepreneurs by way of their many resources.

Starting a business doesn’t have to lead to failure! It can be as prosperous as one would like! But to get there, we all have to have a bit of support along the way.

I say to you that if you’re going to fail, fail fast and move on! Take advantage of the support and resources that are out here for businesses to improve their chances of success.

If you’re a business that chooses to ignore the help and refuse to ask, then there’s a good chance you’ll be in that 80% group that we spoke about.

I wish you nothing but success on your journey for a better life.

Written by

Kris Mathis

It’s Time to Make Yourself Uncomfortable

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I recently met with a lady who owns a spa business. We had a great conversation discussing her business and her plans for growth. Halfway through the conversation we began to discuss how I set goals. I explained to her that my process is a little different than the norm, but I wanted her to know where I got it from first.

Some years back I heard a speaker at an event talk about sacrificing to reach his goals. He worked at a Post Office at the time and his goal was to quit his job and start a business. He then told his story about his journey.

As I listened to his story there was one big nugget that really stood out to me. He said that while on his journey he was focused on making himself uncomfortable to reach his goals. To achieve this he slept on a hardwood bedroom floor next to his bed. The sacrifice was he wouldn’t sleep in his bed until he reached his goal of launching his business. He knew that to do this he had to make himself uncomfortable to make his vision of owning a business come to life. He eventually started his business and then went back to sleeping in his bed.

As a young entrepreneur, I was very intrigued by this so I decided I wanted to give it a try.

When my wife and I got married we downsized to a small one-bedroom apartment to save money to buy our first home. I remember when we moved into this small apartment it was a shock because it was a big jump from the nice place we had come from. My wife knew this was our “temporary home” and she wanted to make it “comfortable” during our stay there. I had a completely different vision for this. I told her about the speaker I heard and how he slept on the floor. She wasn’t for sleeping on the floor so we compromised. She agreed to go on this journey with me, but I had to at least put the mattress down and sleep on that. So I agreed and this was a step for us to becoming uncomfortable.

So we made it our goal to make ourselves uncomfortable in this small one-bedroom apartment. This means we had no pictures hanging on the walls. We only had a few dishes taken out of boxes to last us a few days. We only had enough clothes pulled out to last us a few days as well. We didn’t have cable or any other type of luxuries. Last, we slept on the floor on a mattress because I refused to put our bed together until we reached our goal.

The goal was not to get comfortable in a place that we didn’t want to be. The goal was to become intentionally uncomfortable and work our way out of this small place to the big reward that we were after!

I have to admit, it was uncomfortable. Actually, let me be a little more honest with you, we flat out hated it!! It was horrible! But being this uncomfortable became the driving force for us to work hard to reach our goals!

A little while later, we were finally in a position to buy a home! The excitement we had when we walked into our new home and space was priceless! We disciplined ourselves and we worked to make our goals a reality! This goal wouldn’t have happened when it did had we made ourselves comfortable by making this small apartment our “home.” Our goal was never to stay there, but simply make it a stepping stone to where we wanted to be.

I’m a firm believer that when we make our situations comfortable we lose a big part of our driving force and energy to change it. But when we’re uncomfortable in the right way and for long enough we’ll do anything to get out of it! No one enjoys being uncomfortable!

I challenged the lady I met with to make herself uncomfortable. That could be not eating your favorite food to not getting your hair and nails done. It can be whatever you want, but it has to be something that makes you uncomfortable for a period of time and becomes a part of your drive to reaching your goal.

Oh, there’s one more thing I didn’t mention. When I set a goal, I also set a penalty at the end of my goals. In other words, if I don’t reach the goal I may continue the sacrifice longer or take something else away from myself until I hit it. Why? Because the goal is to male myself uncomfortable and work even harder to reach the goal!

The lady I met with agreed to take me up on my challenge for the next 60 days. So for the next two months she’s going to sacrifice something to reach her goal!

I know some of you are thinking, “I’d never do this!”

My response is, “that’s also why you may never reach your goals and dreams. You simply aren’t willing to sacrifice enough to make it become a reality.”

Goals and dreams require a discipline that the average person isn’t willing to do. The bigger the goal, the bigger the discipline and sacrifice! You have to be willing to step up and out of the norm and challenge yourself in a way that will motivate and inspire you to work like you’ve never worked before! You must be willing to become laser focused and go into full out grind-mode and work in way that most people would never think about doing because its crazy!

I say to you, challenge yourself, but be realistic. Work hard, but celebrate your small accomplishments on your journey. Last, be willing to make yourself so uncomfortable that you have no other choice but to reach your goal.

If you do this you’ll be amazed by the reward that comes on the backend.

I wish you nothing but success in your journey for a better life.

Written by

Kris Mathis

You Must Believe in You!

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I’ve learned that sometimes on your journey for a better life the only one that believes it can happen is you. There will be times when your friends and family won’t see the vision and will call you crazy for wanting to pursue a goal or dream that seems so far out of their reach. Notice, I didn’t say “your reach.” I said “their reach” because oftentimes people will judge your vision based on their lack of ability to reach it. In other words, since they can’t do it they don’t think you can do it either.

In spite of being called crazy, full of self doubt, and the butt of all jokes for having a larger vision for my life, I knew I had to keep going. I knew that even though the jokes hurt sometimes, I had to find a way to keep going. Even though most people around me couldn’t see my vision of success I had to keep pushing towards my dream!

There were days when I wanted to quit… Actually, there were days when I did quit and then the next day I’d pick up the pieces and keep going.

I gave up because it was hard, I had no support, and I lacked the belief one must have to win in life. At one point, I didn’t think that success was possible for my life based on my current circumstances in life.

Here I am with pockets full of lint talking about “one day I’m going to help people live their dreams!”

Then my reality would set in and I’d ask myself, “how am I going to get there?”

I have no money, no resources, and no connections. All I had was a vision and a very small bit of belief.

Then one day I heard the amazing Les Brown say, “take a look at your life and ask yourself is it giving you what you want? If it’s not giving you what you want it’s going to take courage to decide to do something differently.”

That’s when I knew that a change had to be made!

What I then learned was that for me to pursue my dream I needed one thing to get me going. That one thing was belief! I had to find the courage to believe in my dreams even though only I could see it!

You see, I was at a point where I was the only one that believed my dreams could happen for me. I knew that if I kept going even when times got hard somehow, someway I was going to make it! Not moving forward was not an option.

That’s when things began to shift in my life and my vision became clear!

You see, the easiest thing I’ve ever done in my life is live my dreams! Most people have a fear of public speaking. I find it so easy to get up on stage and share stories that change the lives of those in attendance.

On the other hand, one of the hardest things I’ve ever done in my life is simply believe.

I’ll be the first to admit that finding belief in ourselves when we feel the odds are against us is a very difficult obstacle to get over. But once we find a small bit of belief that we can hold onto it can then lead us to greater works that we never thought were possible for our lives.

I’ve learned that we must believe in ourselves if we want to see our dreams comes to life!

So I say to you, now is your time to find your belief!

Someone once said, “opportunity doesn’t knock at every door. It stands beside you patiently waiting to be recognized.”

Your belief is the same way! It’s standing next to you waiting for your to recognize yourself in it like a mirror! Your belief is ready to be the driving force to get you started and headed towards your goals!

If you’re willing to believe you will be amazed at where it will take you!

I believe you have a gift that the world is waiting for you to share.

Now is your time!

You must believe in you!

I wish you nothing but the best on your journey for a better life.


Written by

Kris Mathis

You Need Guidance, Clarity and Vision to Reach Your Goals!

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I recently sat down with an entrepreneur who’s preparing to launch a new lane of her business. During our discussion she shared with me what she was thinking, but she wasn’t completely sure as to how to move forward to reach her goal.

She then asked me a question and I responded with, “there’s three things every person must have before they go after a goal.”

She then pulled out her pen and pad and was ready to learn!

I told her the first thing we need before we go after a goal is to pray and ask God for guidance.

When you begin a new journey, especially one you’ve never taken before, you will need guidance to show you the way to your goal. Successful people understand the power in mentorship, coaching, and having a support system that’s made up of those who have walked the journey before them. They understand the value and wisdom that those with experience bring to the table and their ability to help them avoid pitfalls and setbacks they may not have recognized without them. Those who pray for guidance know that this assistance will help carry them right to their goal.

Second, after you pray for guidance, the next thing you pray for is clarity.

Steve Maraboli once said, “it’s a lack of clarity that creates chaos and frustration. Those emotions are poison to any living goal.”

Without clarity it’s impossible for you to see your way through. You’ll need clarity to see and recognize the person that’s meant to guide you. Without having clarity you’ll become frustrated and you won’t be able to recognize the person that’s meant to guide you toward your goal. They’ll come and go right through your life and you’ll never even know it.

So it’s important that after you pray for guidance and that you also pray for clarity.

Last, I told her the third thing you’ll need to pray for is vision.

Jonathan Swift once said, “vision is the art of seeing the invisible.”

The vision you have for your life can only be seen by you so it’s important that you know exactly what it is that you want and where you want to go. There’s going to come a time when you’ll need to share that vision with someone else and this is when you’ll see that these three keys all work full circle!

You see, before you can be guided you’ll need clarity to recognize the person when they appear. You’ll then need clarity again to see the vision you have for yourself. Once you recognize the person guiding you you’ll then need vision to be able to tell the person where you want to go. Without having all three keys working full circle you will find it difficult to go after your goals.

I first learned this process a few years ago when I decided to write my first book, From Success to Significance. I knew nothing about writing books, publishing, etc. so the first thing I did was I asked God for guidance. I asked that He send someone into my life that could help show me the way to telling my story. After that, I prayed for clarity and vision. I needed clarity to recognize them when they appeared and I needed vision to share what I saw that others could not.

A few weeks later a friend of mine named Shannon Harris contacted me about speaking at an event she was hosting. I then sent her my bio and she sent it back with a message that said, “I made some changes so see what you think.” I read over the changes she made and I was impressed! It was far better than what I originally sent her!

In that moment it dawned on me. I thought to myself, “I wonder if this is the person who’s supposed to help me tell my story?” After what I saw her do with my bio I knew she had the talent to help me tell my story!

I then called her immediately and I told her I need to see her. I then went to her office and I shared my vision with crystal clear clarity and I asked her to help guide me through the writing process for telling my story. She then told me it was one of her goals to one day write a book and she instantly caught my vision!

Long story short, she became the co-author for our books, From Success to Significance and we went on to share my story all over!

This dream would not have happened had I not recognized her talent to be a part of my vision. It’s because of this that the book was born.

So I say to you, take a moment and say a prayer. Ask God for guidance, clarity, and vision! Ask God to bring the right person to help guide you to the goal! Ask God to give you with clarity so you’re able to recognize this person when they appear! Last, ask Him to give you a strong vision so you’re able to share it with others as they guide your way.

With these three keys all of your goals and dreams will become possible!

I encourage you to begin your journey for your goals and dreams today!

I wish you nothing but success on your journey for a better life.

Thank you Kyra for inspiring me to write this!

Written by

Kris Mathis


There’s Some Things You Will Have to Leave Behind

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I want you to think about your life. Think about an area in in your life in which you’ve been wanting to move forward. Maybe you’ve wanted to write a book, start a business, or even go back to school. You’ve been wanting to move forward with your goal, but for one reason or another you just haven’t pursued it. You’ve given yourself every reason possible to not go after what you know is waiting for you.

I’ve learned that the challenge for most people isn’t in moving forward to the goal. The challenge for most people is what they have to leave behind to move forward. Most people aren’t able to move forward while holding on to all the old habits, old thoughts, old relationships, etc. All of this old stuff becomes more baggage than they can carry and some of them are determined to take it with them or not go at all. You see, you can’t move on to fulfill the calling on your life by holding on to all of the old stuff that can’t go with you.

Remember this, “the thinking that has gotten you this far is only good enough to get you this far.”

In other words, you have to be willing to change some things if you truly want to go and grow to the next level. Your old ways, habits, and practices won’t take you where you want to go. They’re only good enough to get you to the current space you’re in now. So you must be willing to leave some things behind because they can’t go with.

One thing that changed my life is when I decided to leave my full-time job and pursue my dream. In 2010, I decided to walk away from my job. There was part of me that was ready to begin the next chapter of my life. I was ready to take a risk on myself and see where my vision would take me. I felt that part of me saw the vision of what I could create one day and how my impact could be felt around the world. A part of me wanted to make the leap for the ownership and freedom that I knew could come with owning my own business.

Then their was the other part of me. You see, the other part of me didn’t want to let go. This other part of me didn’t want to let go of the consistent paycheck that showed up every Friday. I didn’t want to leave behind the bonus check with a comma in it that came every month. I had gotten very comfortable with the money, my own office, and working at my own pace. It’s hard to part with what you know is for sure and go to uncertainty.

I had spent the last decade plus years working to get to this level of business and now a part of me is saying I have to let it go. This transition isn’t easy for anyone. I later realized I was fighting to hold onto my comfort zone. I had to realize that I couldn’t truly grow into the man I was destined to become by staying in my comfort zone and sticking to what felt good. I had to be willing to become uncomfortable to go where I was destined to go. For me to make this leap I had to come to the reality that I couldn’t take these things with me. Again, I had to leave some things behind.

Some of you reading this have been in your careers for years, some even decades! The entire time that you’ve been in your career you’ve had a calling to leave some things behind and move forward to fulfill your true calling in life. You know in your heart that their is something else that you’re supposed to do, but you just haven’t had the courage to move forward on it.

I say to you that it’s easy to move forward on your goals, but it takes true courage to leave some things behind. Yeah, it’s going to take courage to leave your career behind. It’s going to take courage to leave your degree behind and then to go on and pursue your dreams. It’s going to take courage to leave that old relationship behind and start fresh with new love. Yeah, these things take courage and never come easy.

At this point, some of you may be asking yourself, “what is it that I want to move forward to?”

I say don’t worry about that question and instead ask yourself, “what am I willing to leave behind?” You see, this is the more important question that you have to find the answer to. Deciding what baggage has to go is the real challenge. Moving forward is the easy part! It’s what you have to leave behind that’s the reason most people never win in life.

Once you decide what you’re willing to leave behind then you can begin to walk into the next chapter of your life. If not, you will find it very difficult to move forward carrying all of that baggage into any new situation that presents itself.

Now is your time so be willing to do what it takes to get you to the next level! What you’ve been after is waiting for you to arrive!

Now you need to go after it with everything you’ve got!

I wish you nothing but success in your journey for s better life.

Written by

Kris Mathis

The Day My Fear Almost Won

Posted February 10, 2017 by Kris Mathis
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car accident

I’ve learned fear is one of the most unique emotions one can ever experience. Fear can literally paralyze you to the point of giving up on your goals, your dreams, and even your life.

We all have that moment when fear comes and temporarily takes over our life. We find ourselves tucked in a corner and hiding to avoid facing it. Some people allow fear to beat them down to the point that they no longer want to fight back or pursue their dream. Others fight everyday to combat the fear they face and they move forward coming closer to their goal while carrying their fear on their back.

I’ve learned you have two choices in life when you’re faced with fear:
You keep fighting until you win.
You curl up and allow your fear to defeat you.

Transformational Speaker Lisa Nichols once said, “if you’re afraid to dive then dive afraid.”

To reach your goals and dreams you must refuse to let your fear win and be willing to do it afraid!

I remember a time when my fear almost won.

On February 10th, 2014, I was preparing for a meeting to discuss my upcoming From Success to Significance Speaking Tour. As I was getting ready I asked my wife Chawntrell if she could stay home with our then 4-month old daughter Laila until I came back from the meeting. That way I wouldn’t have to take her to our babysitter. She told me that she had to be at work and it would be best if I dropped her off. Less than five minutes later Chawntrell comes back and says she changed her mind. “I guess I can stay here with her and go into work a little late when you get back,” she said. I told her I would only be gone for an hour. I then left Laila at home with my wife and I headed out for my meeting.

As I drove down the street that morning, I was in my own little world. I reviewed my tour notes and details over and over again in my head while Jay Z play in the background. I then passed the street where I would’ve dropped Laila off.

I drove by and out of nowhere at the next street I saw a flash of burgundy on the passenger side of the car. I then felt the impact of something big hit me! Before I could even process what happened my car quickly shifted to the left and crossed over the lane next to me barely missing the car coming up in that lane! I cranked the steering wheel to the right attempting to get the car back on track, but it was too late.

In the median of the street was a mountain of snow sitting in between two trees. It was so big that I couldn’t see over the top of it. I knew that on the other side of the mountain was traffic flowing the opposite way. I also knew that if I drove through this snow I’d be crashing full speed through “death’s door” and possibly taking someone with me if I hit someone on the other side.

I hit the brakes over and over again and the car didn’t stop! I then hit the curb and the front-end of the car became airborne. Seconds later the airbag exploded without warning hitting me in the center of my chest and the bottom half of my face knocking me back into my seat! My seatbelt forcefully locked me into into place after leaving its lacerations and bruising across my chest and shoulder! I then drove through the mountain of snow and came crashing down and to a stop on the other side of the street just missing two cars as they drove by. I opened my eyes and I quickly realized I was facing the wrong way with oncoming traffic coming straight at me.

As I sat there, I felt pain like I had never experienced in my life. I was dazed, in a ton of pain, and unable to move. My heart was racing and I felt life slowly draining from my body and my fears beginning to take over and fill me up. I was paralyzed by fear and the shock of what had just happened to me.

I remember sitting there and thinking to myself, “this is it. This is how it all ends.”

I thought maybe I would see a reel of memories from my childhood to being an adult, just like in the movies. Instead, I thought about my life and what was important to me. Within a few seconds, I saw my wife and I thought about how we were supposed to celebrate our 5th wedding anniversary this year. I then saw my daughter Laila and remembered her 1st birthday was one week after our anniversary. Then the trailer ended and I came back to reality. Right after that, I realized that I may not be here to see either of these special occasions.

This was one time I needed God to know that I am not ready to go – not now – not like this!!

I then mumbled aloud through the pain and in a groggy tone as I looked on at the traffic coming directly for me, “God… Please… Don’t take me now… My family… Needs me.”

In that second, I heard God speak to me and He said, “I am with you.”

I then sat back in my seat and closed my eyes. I took a deep breath in and then struggled to exhale due to the pain in my chest.

When I opened my eyes again, the traffic coming for me began to slow down and come to a stop just feet away from my smoking car.

A guy pulls over and jumps out of his truck to help me get out of the smoking car. I attempted to stand up and when I took my first step I instantly went down to my knees in pain from the hit of the two cars colliding. I then dragged myself out of the street and I lay on the sidewalk until the ambulance showed up.

I lay in the ambulance and the EMT began to check my vitals.

I looked up at him and I mumbled, “please don’t let me die.”

“I think you’re going to be ok,” he said.

He then asked me, “do you have kids?”

After I heard him ask this question my emotions took over and I instantly broke down into tears (the good kind).

“Yes, I have a daughter,” I said. “She was supposed to be in the car with me, but my wife decided to stay home with her at the last minute,” I told him.

From there, I began a two-year journey toward a full recovery. Over the next two years my fear tested me in ways I didn’t know were possible. I felt defeated as I sat there everyday unable to pick my daughter up. I spent her first birthday on the couch watching as she blew the candles out on her cake with a little help from my wife. I was on pain meds daily and in therapy four days a week.

I had allowed my fear to back me down into a corner. I didn’t think I could go on. There were times when I thought about giving up. Then there were times when I did give up. Then I would be reminded that my challenges and setbacks were strategically placed in my life to later be used as inspiration for others and to set me up for greater successes when I could tell others what I had overcome. I knew I had to keep fighting everyday to defeat my fear.

Today, I’m happy to say that I am alive and well! I refused to allow my fear to win and I won!

If you have experienced something tragic and you’re still here that simply means there’s more work to be done. You still have time to make that dream happen! You must refuse to allow your fear to defeat you! You must keep fighting to get what you’re after!

I once read a Kenyan Proverb that says, “he who fears the sun will not become chief.”

If you want to win you must be willing to combat the fear; overcome the obstacle; and go on to become the chief you’re destined to be! What you’re after is waiting for you on the other side of fear!

I wish you nothing but success on your journey for a better life.

Written by

Kris Mathis

You Must Believe!

Posted November 16, 2016 by Kris Mathis
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I believe that most people who have a goal or dream usually have one thing that’s stopping them from making their dream a reality. This one thing is the missing piece that I believe could take them from where they are to where they want to be.

This one thing that most people are missing is, belief.

They don’t believe that they can start the business they dream about. They don’t believe that at this stage of their life they can go on to make that idea they have become a reality. They don’t believe that people will actually read the book they want to write. They don’t believe they can have success after making a career change. They don’t believe that what they’re after is destined for them. These people want to make the leap to their dreams, but they afraid. They simply don’t believe that it will work out for them.

Often I’m asked the question, Kris, how did you make the leap? How did you go from working at a job to being a motivational speaker, author, and business coach?

When I’m asked this question people are usually sitting their with their notepad and pen ready to write down some profound answer to their question.

My response to this question is simple. I tell them I had to believe!

You see, I believed that one day I was going to become a well known speaker and author. I believed that the vision I could see in my head was meant for me. I believed it was worth it for me to go after my goals and dreams.

Was I afraid? Absolutely!

Did I have a plan? Not at all.

I had to believe that as I moved forward I’d be able to figure it out.

Now you must believe too.

The easiest thing I’ve ever done in my life is get on stage and share my story with audiences to help them find the success they’re after. The hardest thing I’ve ever done in my entire life is simply believe.

My friends and family told me I was crazy for wanting to leave my “good paying job.” They told me that I should give up on this pipe dream ad move on. Even at my lowest some of those same people hit me with the “I told you so” speech when I failed and it didn’t work out.

I lost everything I owned and I was living in my mother’s basement. I didn’t have a dime to my name. Some of my friends and family asked me, “why are you doing this to yourself? Just give up! Face the fact that this isn’t going to work and move on!”

These negative comments began to chip away at my vision and make me question my own abilities. I began to ask myself, “can I really do this?” It was in these type of moments that I knew I simply had to believe. I had to believe that if I just keep going something has to break! If I just keep going at this something good has to happen for me! I don’t know when it will happen, but I believe it’s going to happen if I just keep going! I had to believe!

Once I started to believe God put the right people I needed around me. I began to connect with people who knew more than I did and they wanted to help me succeed.

So I say to you that at this very moment you have to begin to believe! That doesn’t mean you have to have a plan. That doesn’t mean you have to have all of the pieces in place or even have a clear vision yet. It simply means that you have to put yourself in a position to believe and the rest will follow.

Once you gain the belief amazing things will begin to happen around you and in you.

Just be prepared and remember to believe. Your dream is closer than you think.

I wish you nothing but success on your journey for a better life.
Written by

Kris Mathis